By eToro

New eToro iOS Trader is here

I’m very happy to announce that we’ve released a new version of the eToro iOS trader to the App Store.

Since the last version release we have received tremendous amounts of feedback and we’ve put in all our efforts to make the changes that you asked us to make.

Therefore, this version comes with two BIG add-ons:

  1. New real time charts
  2. Manual SL/TP

Real time charts

This is the feature that was most in demand among our iOS customers. You ask, we deliver!

These great looking charts enable you to follow price action in real time via a candlestick graph:

Line graph

Which you can zoom in and out of:

Candlestick chart

These charts are extremely comfortable to use on any screen size, but are of course at their spectacular best on a larger iPad screen.


Manual SL/TP


With this new version, it is now easier than ever to edit your active positions and utilize the flexibility provided by our moveable stops.

To manually edit your stops, click on the edit button near the SL or TP indicators in the edit position screen:

Edit position

Then tap on the “Amount” or “Rate” boxes and enter your desired SL or TP:

Edit SL/TP


That’s it for now! Go to download the latest eToro Trader from the App Store today!

Make sure to let us know what you think of this version and whether there are any further improvements that you would like us to make. As you can see, our users’ feedback is critical to our development process, so don’t be shy and speak out!