Eyal Sheinholtz
By Eyal Sheinholtz

New eToro OpenBook for Android: sharing and deep linked notifications

Hey everyone!

We’ve launched yet another version of eToro OpenBook for Android. One of the great new features in this update is the ability to share interesting posts with friends via the native Android sharing capabilities (WhatsApp, Email, SMS, Facebook and etc). We’ve also added deep linking ability to our notifications, so whenever you tap on one it will instantly open the relevant item in the app.

Let’s checkout the new features in some more detail:

1. Native Android sharing

We’ve added the “Share” buttons under each post:


Pressing the “Share” button opens the default Android share window:


For example, I chose to share on the eToro OpenBook:


The new shared post on my feed:


Pressing the link opens the shared post:


2. Deep linked notifications

Our notifications are now deep linked to our app. Tapping on a notification directly opens the relevant item.

A notification is sent linked to an interesting post:



Pressing the notification will open your eToro OpenBook app and display the item:

Post2     Post3

That’s it for the new features. All that’s left for you to do now is log in to your eToro OpenBook on Android and check it out! If you haven’t downloaded our free apps yet, go to our mobile page to do it now. Enjoy!

Your feedback is a key factor in our development process, so please don’t hesitate to tell us what you think of these new updates.