By eToro

Portfolio Management. Advanced Filters. Your new “Home”, and many more. Available now!

OpenBook just got a major upgrade with many cool new features.

Here is a quick summary of the top 5:

1. Your new “home page”

It pays off to sign in to your account.

Go to OpenBook, sign in to your eToro account and get to know your new home! You will automatically see your own watch-list feed which shows the recent activity and discussions made by people you follow.

To the right, you will find a summary of your portfolio, showing you a breakdown of your investments on eToro since the beginning of the week.

This brings us to the next feature which we hope you’ll love using on a daily basis.


2. Portfolio Management.

If you are already using CopyTrader specifically, or OpenBook in general, you probably asked yourself if there could be a better way to show the performance of your portfolio during a variety of time periods.

Or even more important, what if you could have the ability to compare the users you are copying in order to make better decisions in managing your people-based portfolio?

Well, we are happy to announce that the wait is over!

Check your portfolio and get a clear, comprehensive periodic reports, showing you the following data:

  • Your opening realized equity: The sum of your available balance and all the money invested in open trades, at the beginning of the period.
  • Money movements: Money In & Out to/from your account during the period.
  • The total realized profit: The sum of profits generated from closed positions during the period.
  • Current unrealized profit (in open positions) and total fees taken during the period.
  • And of course, the total sum of your current equity.

But the totals are not enough.

In order to know what you should do, we present you a chart and a table which bring you all the data you need, showing the performance of every single user you copy.


We believe in the wisdom of the crowd. Therefore you will also see how many users are copying these users, but more important, you can see their copiers trend (how many new copiers they gained or lost during the last 7 days).

You can sort the table, move your mouse over the table columns and fields for more information.

We’ve been working hard to provide you with all the relevant, important information you will need to understand your portfolio.

But there’s one more thing…

Not only you have all the required information to make the decisions. You have the ability to manage your portfolio within the very same screen!

That’s right, want to add more funds to a successful user? Want to reduce the investment or even stop copying a bad performing user?

You can do it with 2 clicks! It’s that simple!

3. Advanced filters

Are you trying to find new interesting users to copy?

Go to the rankings, and you’ll find to the left the new “advanced filters”, which enable you to filter our user base based on your desired preferences.

You can simply use the “risk” levels or the “popular searches”. Want more? Use the advanced search, and define more parameters such as: Max weekly drawdown, Max exposure, Leverage and more.


4. Copiers chart

We added a new chart to all the users’ stats pages.

Next to the P&L chart, you will find the copiers chart which shows the amount copiers over time.

Toggle between the charts, and get a perfect combination between the user’s performance and the crowd’s intelligence.

5. Many more improvements…

This version includes many more improvements, see if you can spot them.

To name a few:

  • You can now write few words about yourself and your investment strategy. Search for “edit your bio” link on the left side of your profile page.
  • You can find interesting new people and quickly follow them through the “who to follow” widget.
  • You can now copy up to 20 traders! Thanks to the new portfolio management feature, it’s now easy to keep-track and manage your people-based portfolio.
  • Added key stats and the ability to manage CopyTrader through profile pages.
  • Improved UI and many bug fixes.

We’ve been working hard in this version and hope you’ll love using the new functionality.

Leave your comments below. Your feedback is very important for us.


There’s so much more great stuff ahead.

Stay tuned…