By eToro

Trade Alerts App for Android Updated with New Features

This week saw the release of a new version of the eToro Trade Alerts app, eToro’s trading signals application available for free download at the Android Market place.


Apart from the customizable signal settings already present in the previous version, the update introduces a brand new social trading feature – the Social Cherry. The Social Cherry adds social insight, straight from the eToro investment community, to each trading alert.


To gain a better understanding of the new feature, let’s go over the functioning of the Trade Alerts app from the start.


Once you download and install the app, you will be asked to input your desired alert settings (no. of alerts per day, alarm settings etc.). From that point onwards you will receive trade signals to your smart phone/tablet telling you when a profit opportunity presents itself according to our expert tested market models. Each time you receive an alert you can tap it to view a more detailed overview of the market conditions and technical indicators that have prompted the alert.


View inside the Social Cherry bar


You can see the Social Cherry bar appearing at the bottom of the screen. The various icons in the Social Cherry bar give you a summary of the “social buzz” around this particular alert. That includes the amount of people viewing the alert and the amount of people who’ve actually opened a trade based on this alert, enabling you to see how your peers reacted to this opportunity and to take this information into account as you make your trading decision.


Using the Social Cherry you can see how many people “like” a particular alert, and read their comments on it. You can also “like” or comment on an alert yourself in order to share your opinion, solicit advice and see what other users are saying about this trading opportunity.


We hope that this added feature will make it easier for you to make important trading decisions and enable our entire social trading community to utilize each other’s expertise, as well as our professional signals, in order to trade smarter together.