By eToro

The Trader Chart is BACK! And it’s Better than EVER!

We are happy to announce that we are introducing a new Trader Chart to give you additional information when deciding to copy a trader.

The Trader Chart is a tool that helps you visualize the trader’s past performance and even use charting tools to perform technical analysis on the charted statistics, just like any other investment instrument!

A Chart for Copiers

The new chart is based on a copy simulation process, and is essentially a “What If” simulation – meaning, what would have happened if you had started copying the trader whose profile you are viewing using $10,000 at the beginning of a selected period.

The copy simulation simulates the copy process, including copy dividends, and disregards deposits (which does not affect copy results) so you can have a more concrete idea of what to expect if you were to copy this trader.

Step One: Find it

You can find the new trader chart tab under the trader profile:

trader chart1

Hey! It looks just like a market chart!

Exactly! Copying someone is an investment just like buying a stock, so you now have the same chart for markets and traders.

This means you can expand the chart, to see the chart menu, change the period examined or the chart type.

trader chart2

What else?

You can use technical analysis and drawing capabilities on the trader chart, so how about checking the RSI of a trader you want to copy? Or drawing a trendline or a channel?

Another great option is comparing traders to other traders in our system as well as to other markets.

trader chart3

Compare & Share

Sharing market charts is already an existing feature on the eToro platform. Now that we have trader charts and the ability to compare to other markets and traders, we’ve added the ability to share them externally too.

Share with your friends you’re performing better than other traders or markets on eToro, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp or by email!

trader chart share

Have fun exploring the new Trader Chart, and as always, we’d love to hear your feedback.