By eToro

Alibaba vs. Amazon: who will come out on top?

Now that the buzz from Alibaba’s IPO has wound down, it’s time to look at the actual numbers the company has been generating this year. And who better to compare it to than its chief rival on the global online retail stage, Amazon.

Lucky for us, our friends at ParcelHero have created this amazing infographic, comparing Alibaba’s “Singles Day” sales event with Amazon’s “Cyber Monday”.

Here’s the gist: Amazon should be looking pretty worried, though of course its yearly stats still attest to its strength.

In addition, check out how the two companies stack up next to other renowned brands.

Alibaba vs. Amazon

Amazon V Alibaba [Infographic] by the team at ParcelHero.

Think Amazon has what it takes to beat back the Chinese upstart?

Or do you think Alibaba has only just begun showing the kind of sales figures it’s capable of generating?

This is your chance to invest accordingly!