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Nike swoosh

The “Swoosh” is among the most popular and easily recognized symbols in the world today. Whether you are a youngster, middle-aged, or from the older generation, one way or another, we have all come across the “Swoosh” symbol. Nike is a globally recognized brand and one of the world’s largest suppliers in footwear, apparel and sports equipment.

Whether you are a sports fan or not, almost everywhere you look today you will come across a Nike product. Shopping at your local grocery store and passing by a mother and her teenage son walking down the fruit isle, the teenager is sporting the new “AIR JORDAN” basketball shoe. Driving down the road to pick up your kids from school, you come across a big billboard with a young, fit athlete running in the rain with their Nike Cross Trainers on with the slogan… “JUST DO IT.”

Subconsciously, whether you are aware of it or not, you come across Nike products on a regular basis. That is unless you have locked yourself at home and have not stepped out to take a breath of fresh air in the past 20 years. Nike products are everywhere!

Nike markets its products under various owned brands such as: Nike Golf, Nike Pro, Air Jordan, Team Starter and subsidiaries, which includes Bauer, Cole Hann, and Converse. This makes Nike the largest sportswear supplier in the world.

Nike does not just stop there. Did you know that some of the World’s most known Professional Athletes are Sponsored by Nike? Golfer Tiger Woods, Basketball players LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Baseballs Alex Rodriguez are just to name a few. It is no surprise with names like these that Nike stock has boosted over 67% in the last year.

Tiger woods Nike cap
Notice the Nike cap!

Now that you are able to invest in Nike stock @ eToro with a simple click of a button and for as little as $50, let’s have a quick glance at the Nike Timeline, which has brought them to the success they are today!

The 1960s

• Nike’s predecessor, Blue Ribbon Sports, is incorporated in Oregon, USA, by two visionary men who pioneered a revolution in athletic footwear that redefined the industry.

The 1970s

• The Swoosh first appears on Nike shoes.
• The Waffle Trainer is introduced, which becomes the best-selling training shoe in the US.
• John McEnroe, also known as Tennis ‘bad boy’ is signed by Nike to and endorsement deal.
• Nike’s ‘Air’ technology is patented and introduced in running shoes. Gas-filled plastic particles are inserted in the sole of the shoe to provide cushioning.

The 1980s

• Blue Ribbon Sports merges into Nike, Inc. and officially becomes known as Nike.
• Nike completes IPO of 2,377,000 shares of Class B common stock.
• Nike airs its first national television ad.
• Revenues surpass $1 Billion for the first time.
• Nike signs Michael Jordan to an endorsement contract. The first model of his signature shoe, “Air Jordan” comes to pass.
• The famous slogan “Just Do It” is introduced.
• The Nike Air Max and Air Force 1 Basketball shoe are introduced.
• Nike enters the European football market.

The 1990s

• The first Niketown store is opened.
• Nike opens its World Headquarters.
• Nike wins Advertiser of the Year.
• Nike enters the Ice Hockey market.
• Nike signs partnership with Brazilian and US Soccer teams.
• Nike signs Golfer Tiger Woods.

The 2000s

• Nike Shox support system is introduced.
• Nike purchases Hurely International
• Nike acquires Converse for $305 Million.
• For the first time, international sales exceed US sales.
• Nike wins Advertiser of the year, once again.
• Nike signs NBA star, LeBron James.
• Nike creates subsidiaries: Starter, Team Starter, Asphalt, Shaq, and Dunkman.
• Nike enters the cricket market.
• In 2004 annual revenues exceed $12.25 Billion.
• In 2005 Nike reports annual revenue of $13.74 Billion.
• In 2006 Nike reports annual revenue of $15 Billion.
• In 2008 Nike reports annual revenue of 18.6 Billion.
• Nike and Apple partner up and release the Nike+iPod sports kit.

It is no surprise that with such an impressive and stable timeline, that Nike has been such a force and a success throughout the years. Moving forward, Nike expects revenues, which have totaled $25.31 Billion in 2013, to grow 19% to $30 Billion by 2015.

Consider these fact next time you are contemplating which stock to invest it. If you are looking for a brand that is EVERYWHERE, then Nike may be the right investment for you.

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