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By Yoni Saad

German Popular Investor Markus Katzmaier is focused on the GER30 and USDJPY




Investor Name: Markus Katzmaier

Location: Germany

User Name: newstrader

Investment Focus: GER30 and USDJPY

Average Risk Score: 6

Copiers: 350

Followers: 2588

Date Joined: June 2013

The above figures are from 19-04-2016. The latest figures can be found here


One of the keys to being an effective Popular Investor is engaging with other social traders. Put simply, it can pay dividends to talk to your copiers and potential copiers. Popular Investors who take the time to write on their news feeds, answer questions and explain their trading strategies are building a strong foundation for attracting and retaining copiers. One Popular Investor who really understands this is Markus Katzmaier from Germany. Markus, who trades under the user name newstrader regularly posts interesting items on his News Feed and is very active on social media.

 @newstrader has been with eToro for almost three years and made his mark on the social trading platform very quickly. By 2014 he was already averaging a high success rate and has continued to build on these positive returns. In 2015 he closed 9 out of 12 months in the green and has made an excellent start to 2016. newstrader is one of the minority of traders who made profits during the difficult months of January and February when the markets slumped.

newstrader has a highly individualistic approach to investing. He focuses on a small number of assets that he knows well – the GER30 and USDJPY – and trades only when it suits him. newstrader waits until he feels that all the market conditions are in his favour then opens a fast trade. This ‘hit and run’ or ‘sniper’ trading is proving very effective. Although newstrader has a comparatively high average risk score of 6, he is unlikely to be a liability in a properly diversified portfolio.


Risk Score




The above figures are from 19-04-2016. The latest figures can be found here



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One of newstrader’s favourite assets is the USDJPY. It is a currency pair that has been in the news a lot recently. The USD fell following the Fed decision not to raise interest rates during the first quarter of 2016. The Japanese yen has been at 17 month highs against the greenback and the Japanese export based economy is hurting as a consequence. Traders have also been resorting to the yen as a safe haven currency when the markets are showing signs of instability, giving it more unwelcome boosts. There may be a major realignment between the two currencies this summer, creating some strong investment opportunities.

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