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By Yoni Saad

Meet the Popular Investor with 90% Profitable Trades!

kenneth mowat profile

Investor Name:  Kenneth Mowat

Location: UK

User Name:  @Simple-Stock-Mkt

Investment Focus: Stocks and currencies

Average Risk Score: 3

Copiers: 316

Followers: 4627

Date Joined: July 2015

Kenneth Mowat is one of the UK’s most talented Popular Investors, trading under the user name Simple-Stock-Mkt. His low risk scores, consistent returns, and incisive comments and market analysis are attracting a lot of attention at eToro.

Simple-Stock-Mkt is highly engaged in the eToro community and has a reputation for straight talking and a very direct approach to trading, backed up by an astonishing record of 90% profitable trades. In less than one year he’s succeeded in attracting over 300 copiers and more than 4,600 followers!

Let’s take a look at Simple-Stock-Mkt’s Personal Portfolio

 kenneth mowat performance

Simple-Stock-Mkt is currently trading a small, but very interesting portfolio of stocks and currencies. Two of his stocks are commodity related VALE (Brazilian metal miner with interests in cargo and hydroelectric production), TLW.L (oil and gas exploration and production), and UK retail chain Tesco. His choice of currencies AUDUSD and USDCAD breaks away from the usual trader focus on the USD, GBP and EUR.

kenneth mowat portfolio

Simple-Stock-Mkt is an advocate of long term growth:

“Only copy if you want safe long term equity growth without large drawdowns. Few traders seem to be able to keep gains for long so let’s see if we can make and KEEP enough to make it interesting, fun, and very profitable.”

As such he has been able to keep his risk score low and his drawdown to a minimum:

kenneth mowat risk

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