Our Vision

eToro’s vision is to become the first global market place for all people to invest
and manage their funds in a simple and transparent way.

We’re committed to maintain the world’s largest and most trusted investment network,
designed to financially empower individual investors through a simple, innovative
trading platform and an active social trading community.

Global Marketplace

Being a global marketplace means that people from across the world can come to eToro
to trade and invest in a wide range of globalized assets from currencies like euros,
dollars and yen, to commodities like gold and silver and indices like the Dow Jones,

Designed for Simplicity

Simplicity is all about making the financial markets accessible to more people.
Our user focused approach is what makes people love us and what makes the user experience
enjoyable. It’s an inviting design and look and feel and it’s about putting the
customer experience at the center of our design and doing everything we can to make
sure that every customer visit is a pleasant and enjoyable one.

An open Investment Network

We believe in creating an open network of investors which anyone can join and where
they can share, learn, copy, interact and compete with one another. It’s our fundamental
belief that as investors we are better together then we are apart. Our vision is
to enable every investor to leverage the power of our investing community however
they choose.

Personal Financial Empowerment

eToro does its part to provide personal recognition and financial empowerment to
every investor who joins us. We respect and support our investors, providing them
with the recognition of their fellow traders within our community, and the ability
to spread the recognition to other social networks of their choice.


Trust is about honesty. It’s reflected in the full transparency between us and our
customers. Trust means that we’re a reliable and regulated company which takes a
responsible approach toward trading and investing, making sure we do everything
in our power to help our traders have a rewarding and successful experience with

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