eToro’s top 5 stock picks for Q4 2020

It’s hard to believe we are already in the final stretch of what will go down in history as one of the most eventful years in the stock market. Q3 brought us more stimulus driven euphoria as rampant tech markets saw the Nasdaq make several more record highs. The S&P managed to follow suit leaving only the Dow Jones as the major US index that had not managed to reverse its year to date losses.

Your capital is at risk

The tide then started to turn in September as a deadlock in Congress over additional fiscal stimulus as well as increasing infection rates in Europe spooked investors as they sold out of stocks and sought safer pastures. The extent of the fear factor is evident in the fact that even gold took a hit and the preferred safe haven was cash with the USD catching a bid against its major counterparts.

Many investors may now be sitting on profits wondering what to do, or indeed still be holding some stocks in beleaguered sectors and searching out alternatives to try and eke out some gains during these uncertain times. A lot could change in the coming three months with the Federal Reserve intimating that there is some $300 billion in unused Covid-19 aid, so a stimulus package could yet be agreed. Not to mention we have the US election looming on the 3rd November which will undoubtedly cause some huge volatility in the build up and on the day.

In light of this, we have highlighted five stocks that are worth watching considering all the factors that are at play. Whether you want to batten down the hatches and look to protect your portfolio or if you think we could bounce from this correction and are ready to get back involved, these opportunities could fit the bill.

Your capital is at risk