How to invest in the future you believe in

How do you reach your investment decisions? Your personal beliefs may impact your portfolio choices more than you realise.

There are many factors that can influence our financial decision-making. Certainly, technical and fundamental analysis, as well as experts’ opinions, can be used to help us spot market opportunities and trends — but, as unique individuals, we also bring our own personal agendas and beliefs to every choice we make. Varying financial backgrounds may inform different investment strategies and short- or long-term goals. Personality and past experiences may influence risk appetite. Personal values may lead us to prefer certain industries or specific companies over others, and so on. How we invest or don’t invest our money can be a significant statement of who we are.

The ethical investing trend is an excellent example of how investors today are aligning their money management with their personal agendas. They are also discovering that this alignment need not come at the expense of a profitable investment portfolio — in fact, quite the opposite. With society itself becoming more socially conscious, and more investors becoming aware of the impact they can have, many industries are responding with creative ways to align with what investors want, while still maintaining profitability.

What is thematic investing?

As a leading investment platform, eToro has responded by creating unique long-term investment portfolios that each encompass a trend or industry for which experts have predicted excellent future growth.

Each portfolio is a grouping of assets, bundled together in a single investment product, based on a predetermined theme or strategy. They not only provide investors with exposure to some of the world’s most innovative companies, but do so while providing built-in diversification by including a variety of assets which correspond to the portfolio’s theme. Each portfolio is created by financial experts with considerable thought, taking such factors as balance, exposure, potential yield, risk and more into account.

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Diversified access to predicted long-term trends

Here are just a few examples of portfolios you might wish to consider for investment, based on the future trends you believe in.

If you believe electric cars are gaining momentum, then consider eToro’s Driverless Portfolio. The world today is on the cusp of a revolution in automotive technology that is set to change transportation forever. The Driverless Portfolio is designed to help long-term investors capitalise on this opportunity.

If you believe going greener is the future of energy, then consider eToro’s RenewableEnergy Portfolio. As sustainable energy becomes mainstream, the RenewableEnergy Portfolio provides exposure to leading global companies offering renewable energy solutions, including solar power, for residential and commercial use.

If you believe the tech giants are only going to get bigger, then consider eToro’s BigTech Portfolio. Technology is vital to modern life, from health to education, social interaction and business. The BigTech Portfolio offers investors exposure to top stocks in entertainment, e-commerce, software solutions, telecom and more.

If you believe the work-from-home model is here to stay, then consider eToro’s RemoteWork Portfolio. The future of work is here and the RemoteWork Portfolio is designed to capitalise on growth drivers making remote work an integral part of our lives, and offering exposure to a broad range of innovative companies.

If you believe the biggest security threats are online, then consider eToro’s CyberSecurity Portfolio. In an increasingly digital world, cybercrime is a serious threat to governments, businesses and individuals. The CyberSecurity Portfolio offers exposure to innovative cybersecurity companies from around the globe.

More trends you can believe in

Want to explore more ready-made diversified thematic portfolios such as FoodTech, GigEconomy, and CannabisCare? Find out about these and many more by clicking the link below.

Explore eToro’s Investment Portfolios
Your capital is at risk.