December Monthly Market Webcast

In this month’s webcast, Senior Market Analyst Mati Greenspan went over all the latest market trends and best trading opportunities. This presentation is free of charge for all eToro platinum and professional clients as part of our benefits package.

Mati reviewed the source of disturbances in the markets and how they’re influencing stocks, other currencies, and cryptos. In addition, the webcast featured and discussed a groundbreaking industry that will be made into a new Smart Portfolio here at eToro.

Topics covered:

  • Stocks Deep Correction
  • Trade War: 90 day truce
  • 3s5s Bond Inversion
  • Crude Oil Slide
  • Gold not acting Safe
  • Crypto Drop: Time to Buy?

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Webcast breakdown:

4:10min | What’s happening today in American markets

5:22min | VXX review

9:27min | SPX500 technical review

14:13min | Read more about the correlation of the stock market and the crypto market here.

16:44min | How to see the correlation of BTC and LTCTool used

17:24min | Is there a correlation between the stock market and crypto?

21:03min | SpeculatorOslo – This Popular Investor from Norway has been trading on eToro since 2015. He likes taking advantage of highly volatile markets, by trading instruments such as the VXX ETF, holding positions open for an average of 5 days.

23:31min | Eliyohu – This Popular Investor from Germany says he relies heavily on chart analysis to make trading decisions and also tries to minimise risk when trading. He holds positions open for an average of 6 days at a time, and recommends following him with €1,000 for at least 6 months.

24:53min | Video of the Driverless Smart Portfolio. It is obvious that there are numerous players and various companies operating in the driverless car space. In the coming years, it is likely that more companies, both existing and new, will join the industry, while the autonomous car becomes a mass-produced, global phenomenon. As the industry takes shape, eToro will enable you to join the first wave of investors to take part in this exciting new automotive/technology sector. Using the Driverless Smart Portfolio, you can access a fully allocated, managed investment portfolio and gain exposure to the autonomous car industry.

29:38min | The effect the Fed has on the USDollar – Technical review

32:43min | Question on Brexit GBP/USD

35:50min | Bond Inversion

39:17min | Gold not acting safe

42:00min | Crude Oil Slide

48:55min | BCH hard fork  – Hash War  and

56:38min | Tether and the FCC Discussion

59:09min | Comments on BTC death spiral and questions about Bitcoin hash rate. Two tools to check this are:

  1. Bitcoins Hash Rate
  2. Check the current status of pending transactions on the network

65:05min | Question on the main team responsible for developing Ethereum Classic (a spinoff of Ethereum) after they announced that they will be closing operations.

69:27min | Study on jobs that are related to Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies

We hope you enjoyed the webcast. If you have any feedback or comments, please feel free to connect with Mati Greenspan on all social media channels: eToro,Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram.

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 Data presented during the webcast is accurate as of December 4th, 2018.