On the eve of the iPhone 6S release, have investors had enough of Apple?

Well, folks, once again Apple picking season is upon us, and you know what they say: another year, another iPhone.

Woman with iPhone

After much speculation, the company has announced the impending launch for September 9th, but after last year’s mixed bag of a release, investors seem to be cautious with their excitement for the new product.

The same buck but where’s the bang?

One of the reasons investors might be more hesitant than usual is that the advantages of the new iPhone 6S are not as glaringly obvious as those of its predecessors.

Sure leaked photos of the phone’s inner workings suggest that the latest offering from Apple will include a 12 megapixel camera, a 3D Force touch screen and an improved Facetime camera, but these features are not exactly what one would classify as revolutionary. Especially when compared with the huge leaps and bounds each previous iPhone made from its predecessor, this version’s improvements seem somewhat slight.

At the same time, despite an initial lukewarm reception (we all remember seeing photos of bent iPhones making the rounds) the iPhone 6 holds the record as the company’s biggest selling product, and ended up increasing Apple’s sales by 35% in just one year. Even a slightly improved product at the same price is not likely to take away from Apple’s solid credo.

Look out for Apple TV and iPad Pro

While much attention has been paid to the anticipated handset, the launch event will also see the release of the a new version of Apple TV and an iPad Pro.

Whereas the iPhone 6S is a perfectly decent evolution of the popular Apple product, both Apple TV and the new iPad Pro actually have more potential to make deep and long-lasting impacts for Apple in new markets.

A relative newcomer to the console battle, the new Apple TV might see Apple emerge as a real competitor against the stalwart giants Microsoft and Sony. With a built-in App Store, state of the art motion sensors and an accompanying remote that has access to Siri, this version of Apple TV just might deliver the new stream of revenues that Apple has been looking for.

The new iPad Pro, on the other hand, promises to deliver a jumbo screen that just may convince stubborn laptop users to finally give up the keyboard in favor of an touch screen. With an iPad that presents a more viable professional solution than another before, Apple has set itself up for yet another opportunity to snag entirely new segments of users.

The China chill factor

These releases certainly bode, if not an explosion of gains then at least the continuation of a positive trajectory for Apple. And yet investors seem chilly and the stock is at its lowest since February.

Apple chart 7.9.2015

One possible explanation for investors’ current lack of love for Apple could be the recent mini-stock crash out of China. The impact of this event on global stock markets, albeit temporary, was so immediate and profound that investors might be hesitant at the moment to invest even in the most solid of companies.

Their fears may not be entirely unfounded, however it also means that Apple stock is currently going at a bargain price right before a major release. So if you believe in the quality of the new line of Apple products, you might just have the opportunity to get in on the action at a much cheaper rate than usual.

Could this be the perfect opportunity to invest in Apple? Let us know what you think!