February Market Webcast

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In this webcast, we’ll go over all the latest market trends and best trading opportunities with our Senior Market Analyst, Mati Greenspan.

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What we will cover today:

  • US-China Trade War
  • US Government Shutdown
  • Brexit Getting Close
  • Central Banks Getting Loose
  • Bitcoin Institutional Investments
  • Litecoin Bottomed out?
  • CyberSecurity is Imperative

01:28min | Battle of popular investors

Jonasbarrelov  – This Swedish Popular Investor has remained in profit since 2015 by trading mainly tech, pharma, and Swedish stocks. Jonas takes the long view on trading by carefully researching companies’ long-term outlooks. He recommends that traders copy him with $1,000 or more for at least 3 months.

MarianoPardo – Mariano is a Popular Investor from Argentina, who has been trading stocks for 6 years. He joined eToro in 2013, making significant profits in both 2015 and 2016. He suggests copying him with an initial amount of at least $1,000.

03:45min | Question: Can you trust the stats of popular investors. Full walkthrough on Popular investor stats here.

13:16min | Market opening review –

13:40min | Market events – Discussion on inflation and trader trends.

14:08min | Technical review of the NSDQ100.

14:41min | US Government Shutdown Explained.

17:38min | Volume indicators tool – Mati’s point of view on them.

Volume indicators that Mati likes to use.

19:30min | Question: Is a market crash coming?

23:22min | Question: Will the new level of US national debt affect the markets?

See the current level of the US debt here: http://usdebtclock.org/

26:15min | Brexit Getting Close – Review of GBP/USD

31:49min | Question: How would a hard Brexit impact the EUR and GBP?

33:04min | Question: How would property prices be impacted?

33:25min | UK Property ETF discussed: IUKP.L

35:00min | Question: What is Mati’s favorite strong buy for 2019?

Answer is Gold.

35:14min | Sears volatility reviewed

38:00min | EEM – Emerging Markets

39:33min Gold and how people buy when there is market uncertainty.

46:12min | How to compare Popular investors, Smart Portfolios and markets OutSmartNSDQ Smart Portfolio compared to popular investors,ReinhardtCoetzee ,Liborvasa, FabianMarco and MarianoPardo

52:02min | Question: How will the trade war affect Copper?

53:31min | Question: How will the trade war affect Oil?

Answered with an in-depth technical review.

58:30min | BNB Coin – Diverging from the rest of the crypto market, you can review the BNB research paper here. All research papers written by Mati on cryptos are available here.

62:00min | BTC What we are seeing in the charts and what we see in the news.

65:24min | Crypto volumes discussed and reviewed here

67:39min | Cybersecurity  has always been a topic of importance for both enterprises and individuals. The new Smart Portfolio is now available. You can read more about it in this blogpost. You can also watch a discussion between international broadcaster, Elliott Gotkine and eToro CEO, Yoni Assia here.

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Data presented during the webcast is accurate as of February 13th, 2019.