Guru Finder Pearls: Successful traders from the last six months

Hello Everybody,

Today I wanted to share with you some traders that you might not know and have done very well in the last six months. Using the Guru Finder I look for traders who had positive gains in the last six months and have low to medium risk trades.

Here are the parameters that I chose using the Guru finder:

1. Gains: 25%-80%, the important thing that I chose is not more than 80%. I believe that a higher return than that in the last six months, usually represents very high risk trading.
2. More than 60 positions opened in the last six months. To make sure that the traders is consistently trading and profiting.
3. Exposure ratio – not more than 50%. These traders never expose and risked more than 50% of their account.
4. Copy ratio- Client diversifies his portfolio with up to 10% copy trade. Not all use copy trade.
5. Active weeks- at least 15

I chose these parameters, because I am looking for traders who have been trading for at least six months, they have been quite active opening and closing trades. And they haven’t had any big drawdowns in that period.

Most of our top followed traders have similar stats as shown here, but I wanted here to take advantage of the Guru finder in order to diversify and find some new traders that most of you do not know.

I had a lot of traders who met up to those parameters; I chose here 10 traders that did very well in the last 6 months and meet up to the parameters above:






















You can all use the Guru Finder and look for traders that meet your preferences at:

I hope this helps you to diversify your portfolio and get better results from your investment. If you have any questions feel free to comment on my openbook wall at:


Happy Trading,

Adam Slachevsky