Meet hajra123 India’s most Respected Popular Investor

hajra123 profile

Investor Name:  Hajra Abdul Haleem

Location: India

User Name:  @hajra123

Investment Focus: Currencies

Average Risk Score: 6

Copiers: 114

Followers: 2015

Date Joined: Nov 2012

Hajra Abdul Haleem – better known as hajra123 – is a veteran eToro trader and one of India’s most respected Popular Investors. hajra123 has been with eToro since 2012 and specialises in currency trading. She has a risk score of 6 and an impressive trading record. A quick look at her Stats shows a lot of green months and not many red ones!

Currency trading can offer some potentially high rewards, but it brings its own challenges, one of which is maintaining consistent returns. It’s not always easy to find a Popular Investor who specialises in currency trading and can be expected to show steady profits over a long period of time. hajira123 is active on her News Feed and has a good rapport with her copiers, anybody who is interested in currency trading should check out her profile.

Let’s take a look at hajira123’s open currency trades:

hajra123 portfolio

hajra123’s current trades are mainly built around the BIG 3 currencies: the USD, GBP and EUR with some interest in the AUD, NZD and CHF. She opens an average of 2.8 trades a week with an average of 6.5 days trading time.

hajira123 gets straight to the point about what she offers her copiers and her confidence is backed up by her excellent trading stats:

“If you want safe trading and consistent profits copy me with 200 dollars. Be patient and see the results. Check my stats. Self-determination, interception, forecasting, economic calendar and charts are enough to become a good Forex trader. Always be on safe side.”

hajra123 risk

hajra123 performance

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February could be a very interesting month for currency traders. Low oil prices, speculation about the Fed interest rate decision, worries about the Chinese economy and a possible devaluation of the yuan, and monetary divergence between the US and EU are all ingredients for uncertainty and volatility.

There could be some serious trading opportunities over the coming weeks and Popular Investors like hajra123 may offer imaginative trading strategies.

Past performance does not guarantee future results. You should not rely on any past performance as a guarantee of future investment performance. Unit values and investment returns will fluctuate. Investors are cautioned that data based on less than five years’ experience may not be sufficient to establish a track record on which investment decisions can be based. This post is not investment advice. CFD trading bears risk to your capital.