Meet Popular Investor Couguar who has his sights set on the Elite level

Henri from Belgium (@Couguar) was already investing in stocks and funds before discovering eToro. He was impressed by our platform’s wide selection of instruments and ease of use, and since late 2016, has been trading and investing with us. Soon he was rising through the ranks of the Popular Investor program, and in this short interview, he shares some of his experience on how to become a successful investor.

Your capital is at risk. This is not investment advice. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m Henri, 27 years old, from Belgium. I joined eToro in late 2016 and have reached the ranks of Champion Popular Investor as of 20.6.18. I have gained an interest in trading and investing through my financial/economic background.

2. Did you have previous experience with financial investments before joining eToro?

Before joining eToro, I participated in a trading competition a couple of times and finished quite high in the ranking. Other than that, I have invested in some funds in the past.

3. Why did you choose to join eToro?

I chose to join eToro because I wanted to continue to expand my knowledge of financial investments and I think eToro is an ideal platform in that respect.

4. What are the three key benefits of using eToro?

For me, the three key benefits of eToro are:
Firstly, the ease of use and accessibility to a huge variety of international investment assets.
Secondly, the versatility in trading/investment options such as buy and sell, use of leverage, stop-loss and take-profit, and variety of investment assets, which allow me to explore new ways of investing.
And finally, the ability to copy other investors.

5. What is your type of trading strategy and what is it focused on?

In the past, I held some European stocks and invested in some funds. Thanks to the increased access and ease of use, I can now easily manage a fully-fledged portfolio, diversify more, and discover new ways of trading.

6. What are the benefits of being a Popular Investor and what is your long-term goal as one?

My core strategy focuses on the long-term growth of stocks. Holding on to the right stocks for the right amount of time provides an excellent risk/return ratio that suits my needs perfectly.

The benefits of being a Popular Investor is that I am rewarded for the efforts I put into managing my portfolio properly. My long-term goal is to become an Elite Popular Investor and continue to educate people on investing through my website:

8. What are your hobbies?

I love to play sports, especially water sports, and enjoy having drinks and socialising with my friends.

Your capital is at risk. This is not investment advice. Past performance does not guarantee future results.