Investor Profile: Onegirl is building a reputation as an effective stocks trader


Investor Name:  Lena Birse

Location: UK

User Name: @Onegirl

Investment Focus: Stocks

Average Risk Score: 4

Copiers: 5

Date Joined: 2014

Lena Birse from the UK trades stocks and a small number of currencies under the user name Onegirl. She’s been with eToro for over a year and is building a solid reputation on the trading platform. Onegirl has a long term approach to the markets and invests in companies that she believes have the best potential for steady growth. Her stats show a realistic approach to risk level and a willingness to incur some losses in pursuit of strategic goals.

Onegirl’s personal portfolio contains some of the world’s best known companies, including Apple, Facebook, Google, Nike and Amazon. Large and well established companies are often the foundation of many traders’ portfolios. Some people like to trade on brands that they use every day, while others perceive them as more stable lower risk investments.

Onegirl explains her trading philosophy:

“I think the stocks that I have on my portfolio are the best for beating any kind of market conditions. I’m not too worried about the current macroeconomic situation since I’m trading long term. Even if the market does fall, the stocks I’m holding are the kind that will recover quickly and rise steadily in the long term. In general I’m not using any leverage on this account and I tend to hold positions for 5 years or more.”

Asked why she chose eToro, Onegirl got straight to the point:

“Because it’s fun and easy!”

Onegirl’s risk score shows an average of 5

LB Risk Score

See Onegirl’s trading in more detail:

LB Trading

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