The Bigger Picture – FEB 2013 Summary


February, 2013 Summary.


Tarek Jan
Tarek Jan,
Financial Editor.

Introduction to the series.

An essential introduction of the author and the series. Why “Breaking News” isn’t really that important most of the time, what makes this series special and the topics we’ll be discussing in the next parts. Read more..

The Eurozone.

In this part we discussed the understructure of the European Union. The formation of the Eurozone and the foundations of it’s financial structure. We had an essential understanding of the European Central Bank and it’s role in the Eurozone. The structure and role of the Euro Group. Then we reviewed the Euro as a currency, and it’s exchange rates since it’s introduction and through the world financial crisis. Read more..

med234056PART 3:
The european sovereign debt crisis.

What is this crisis and how did it happen? We analyzed the crisis and pointed the measures taken by the Eurozone to get through it. Then we had a quick look on the future with suggestions that could avoid a future further crisis and the uncertainties of the Eurozone. Read more..

The United States Dollar.

Some quick facts about the USD. Active engagement of the Federal Reserve System in the open market operations. Then we ended it with an overview of the EUR/USD currency pair and the major incidents that affected it’s rate. Read more..

Make sure you review those parts so you’d be able to follow up with the upcoming posts.



MARCH 2013
This month in The Bigger Pict
ure, we will go through deeper analysis of the market and human trading behavior, Stay tuned!

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