Top 10 Assets That Were Affected by the US Presidential Election

As more and more polls were showing Donald Trump will be the one to lead the world’s biggest economy, the financial markets were reacting with incredible volatility. The NSDQ dropped by about 4.5%, as well as the DJ30which shed over 600 points; Gold skyrocketed to September prices, as it recovered by over 3.5%; Oil has broken the 44 Dollar mark, dropping almost 3%; and the USD lost ground against most major currencies. That said, the USDMXN pair has soared to new highs, as it shot up by over 13%. Stay tuned for more market updates. The volatility could continue throughout the month.



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* Please note that due to market volatility, some of the prices may have already been reached and scenarios played out. The information above is not investment advice. All figures, charts and graphs shown are as of 9/11/16. The latest data can be seen on eToro platform.