With 5 consecutive years in profit, could he go for 6? Meet Popular Investor Maximilien Labadie Barbe.

An individual with a keen interest in companies and businesses since high school, Maximilien began trading on eToro in 2014. 

He has managed to achieve positive returns for five consecutive years and already has a very clear goal for this year. Even though he has managed to build a following for himself, he still considers himself a growth and value investor first and a Popular Investor second. We asked him a few questions about his trading style and strategy. Here is what he had to say.

  1. Please introduce yourself briefly. Where do you come from? What is your occupation?  What are your hobbies?

Hey guys. I am Maximilien Labadie Barbe. I was born in France in 1989, and lived and studied in Paris until 2012. After I got my Master’s Degree in Web & Multimedia, I moved to Bangkok with my wife. 

I am a web entrepreneur, specialising in SEO and affiliate marketing for more than eight years now. 

My hobbies include travelling around the world, playing and watching basketball, finding new lucrative investments and spending time with my family and my cat. 

  1. Can you briefly tell us about your investment experience.

I have been involved in the stock market since high school and I started to invest as early as I could, using CFDs. I have a great interest in companies and businesses, so I can spend hours looking at information and data about them.

I use many sources such as Seeking Alpha, Reuters, The Motley Fool, Morning Brew, Macro Trends, and even Wikipedia for basic information about a company.

  1. How did you learn about eToro?

A friend recommended eToro to me and I decided to give it a try.

  1. How long have you been trading on eToro?

I joined eToro back in 2014 and I immediately fell in love with it. It’s the simplest platform to start with and simply the best with regards to the social aspect. 

I have to thank my friend who advised me to join this platform. 

  1. About which industries are you most optimistic in 2020 and how do you plan to allocate your capital?

I feel optimistic about several industries, such as tech, e-commerce, gaming, digital money (payments & crypto) and cyber security. 

As a low-risk investor, I will not only focus on stocks in aforementioned industries, but also invest in industries such as food, communication, travel, entertainment and more. 

  1. Judging from your past investment performance, your profitability in 2019 has improved significantly as compared to 2018. How did your investment strategy change during that one year period?

My strategy is pretty much the same as in  previous years. The only difference is that I have invested in stocks of more companies now which I believe have great potential for the years to come.

2019 was a better year for the US stock market as compared to 2018 and my portfolio has very much followed the same trajectory of the market.

  1. Why do you think  eToro users should follow you?

Today, I am a Popular Investor on the eToro trading platform. I have made consistent and positive earnings for more than five consecutive years.

I have not always been a Popular Investor and I don’t consider myself a “stock market expert,” but I have always been a growth & value investor, who continues to learn and grow with the community, sharing the best of my knowledge and experience.

Following/copying my portfolio would be a great way to achieve profitable and sustained growth over the coming months and years. As a long-term trader, I work with safe positions.

Most of my investments are stocks, all in low-risk conditions, with great potential for growth. 

  1. What are your goals for this year? How do you plan to achieve them?

My profit goal for 2020 is to achieve growth of at least +10% without adding any risk. I focus my investments on companies which I deeply understand and which thrive in their respective industries (high net income over the years and ambitious plans for the future).

My portfolio is diversified, with about 80 companies in many industries like tech, e-commerce, travel, gaming, financial services, consumer goods, healthcare, services and more.

  1. In your profile, you mentioned that you are a low-risk investor and that your profit increased steadily year-by-year. However, Bitcoin, which is highly volatile in nature, constitutes a large part of your investments as compared to other instruments. Why is this?

That’s a great question. I consider that cryptocurrencies have a bright future in the years and decades to come. As the most important, used and safe crypto, it’s natural for me to own a big chunk of Bitcoin (4-5% of my portfolio).


 * Past performance is not an indication of future results.This is not investment advice. CFD trading. 75% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.