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You don’t have to run a marathon to invest for the long term

Running 26.2 miles is an epic feat. That the first guy to do it in ancient Greece fell over and died just after completing it should tell you something.

And if you watched the tens of thousands plodding around London’s streets this weekend and are resolute that running should be a spectator sport, you might like to know how investors can get a runner’s high without breaking a sweat.

Over the last few years, running has become big business.

Forget your vision of an exhausted winner of a long distance race, tumbling over the finish line with just a vest, shorts and sweat for company – instead concentrate on the thousands that will come after them.

Speak to anyone who has run a marathon and the first thing they will tell you is that the training is a gargantuan task. Each of those lycra-clad heroes/crazies (depending on your view) will have put in at least 12 weeks of pavement pounding before heading to the start line.

To get out there four days a week for at least three months in rain, wind or shine, you need a cupboard full of proper gear. Trainers, shorts, leggings, caps, socks, t-shirts and sports bras are the bare minimum.

Since the 2018 London Marathon, Nike’s share price has risen almost 29%, adidas is up more than 12%.

And if you’re doing all that training, you need to know how far you have gone and how fast.

Garmin, a tech company that makes watches – along with a range of other sports equipment – has seen its New York-listed stock surge more than 45% since the last London 26.2 miler.

Vaseline is a key part of a marathon kit. From keeping lips from chapping during the harsh winter training runs to stopping the agony of runner’s nipple, this little jar from UK-listed Unilever has got many around 26.2 miles.

And it’s not just about kit. Carb-loading before a marathon is a rite of passage and pasta is the favourite of many runners. But none of the world’s largest pasta makers are listed companies.

The next best thing? Beer – but only after the race. Containing a heavy splash of water, minerals and carbohydrates to replace much of what was lost during the hours on the course, a pint is a welcome sight for those completing 26.2 miles.

No wonder Fullers, which brews London Pride Ale, is a long-time supporter of the marathon. Its share price is up almost 20% since the 2018 event.

If that all sounds a bit more doable than dragging yourself from Greenwich to The Mall with 40,000 other people, log in to your account now and start trading, rather than training.

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