If You Invested $1,000 in Apple, Facebook, Microsoft or Tesla 10 Years Ago, Here’s What You Would Have Today

It is sometimes fun to travel back in time in our minds and imagine “what if” scenarios. “What if I had said ‘yes’ to that job offer five years ago?” Or “what if I had listened to that friend who urged me to buy Bitcoin when it was worth just $200?” Among traders and investors, these scenarios are often about regretting not having invested in a certain stock that eventually doubled or tripled in value.

While we cannot build a time machine and invest in stocks that we know will rise in value, we can look at the winners from the past, and try to see if we can find similar opportunities in the present. Here are four very familiar successful companies and the way they performed over the past 10 years:


Ten years ago, Microsoft was already a household name. Fifteen years after revolutionising the PC operating system with Windows 95, the company was struggling to stay relevant, coming out of a losing year in 2009 and forced to carry out massive layoffs for the first time in its history. As a result, the MSFT stock price was very low, worth around $20 in October, 2010.

If you could travel back in time and invest $1,000 in Microsoft back then, you would have made a profit of a staggering 1012.22%, or in other words, your $1,000 investment would balloon to $11,122.21 today. Incredible.

Invest in Microsoft

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results


While founded in 2003, electric carmaker Tesla did not go public until June 2010, which would have been a great time to invest. Today, Tesla has reached the status of the highest-valued automotive company in history. It is considered a technology pioneer and is working on exciting developments, such as driverless cars. However, 10 years ago, Tesla cars were considered very niche and were mostly purchased by the very wealthy and/or eco enthusiasts.

If you had invested in Tesla in October, 2010, you would have been putting your money into a company that had been on the public market for less than four months, and at just over $5 per share, you would have been able to buy quite a lot of stocks. Ten years later, such an investment would yield a profit of… Put your seatbelt on: 8,510.12%, or $85,101.2. Wow.

Invest in Tesla

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results


The world’s largest tech company, valued at over $2 trillion, needs no introduction. Since its name is often synonymous with innovation and cutting-edge design, it is sometimes easy to forget that Apple is nearly 50 years old. That’s right. The company was founded in 1976 as a pioneer in the then emerging market of personal computers. Fast forward to October 2010: Apple’s Co-founder, the legendary Steve Jobs, was still CEO, having launched the first iPad earlier that year. The company is in the midst of a stellar year, seeing its iPhone sales pop 93% from 2009.

Such success must have caused its stock price to soar, right? Well, not compared to today. In October 2010, a single Apple stock cost less than $10, meaning $1,000 would buy you more than 100 Apple shares. How much profit would such an investment yield? Today, it would be worth $12,957.42 — a profit of nearly 1,100%.

Invest in Apple

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results


It is hard to imagine our lives before Facebook. The social media giant is so popular that it seems like it, and its subsidiaries, WhatsApp and Instagram, have always been here. However, it is actually the newest company on this list. So new, in fact, that it wasn’t even publicly available 10 years ago — it only went public in 2012. We are so used to “liking” and “sharing” things on our timelines and stories, that we forget the company is only 16 years old.

So let’s travel back to the year it was launched on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange: 2012. In October, 2012, a single Facebook share was worth just under $20. The 50+ shares a $1,000 investment would buy are worth $14,147.89 today. That’s a profit of 1314.79%. Now that’s something to like and share with your friends.

Invest in Facebook

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

Finding Market Opportunities

Alas, we don’t have access to a real time machine and we can’t go back and invest $1,000 in the companies mentioned above. What we can do is look for similar opportunities in today’s markets. If you spot the next Tesla, Apple, Microsoft or Facebook, and invest in time, you could be the one smiling in 10 years.

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