Trading Stocks on eToro

While we go to great lengths to make our platform as simple as possible, we still thought it would be helpful to present a short guide on trading stocks on eToro.

This post will help you better understand how to trade stocks on eToro.

A. Where can I find stocks?

If you are looking to buy stocks, all you need to do is go to eToro’s Markets page and select stocks. You can find this page here.

From the Stocks page, you can browse eToro’s stock selection and select the stock you want to buy. Click on it and you will get to its page that will look like this (Google is taken as an example):

This page has various tabs displaying relevant information, but most important is – the ‘Trade’ button.

B. How do I buy stocks?

When on the stock page, click on the blue Trade button, located on the top right hand corner. Once you click it, a popup will appear where you can choose the amount you want to use for buying the stock, set Stop Loss and Take Profit orders and apply leverage. You can invest as little as $50, isn’t that cool?

Please note: The minimum deposit amount on eToro varies from country to country. To deposit funds, click the button on the bottom left hand corner.

Once you click ‘Open Trade,’ you will see a small popup confirming your order

All stock orders are placed in real time, unless markets are closed. If markets are closed, you can place an order that will be carried out automatically when markets re-open. You can choose to execute the order at the rate offered when the markets open, or set your own price. If you set a target price, your position will only be opened if and when the stock reaches that price.

The price you see on the eToro platform is the current ‘Sell’ price. If you click the Trade button, the price displayed will be the ‘Buy’ price.

All stocks in eToro are traded as CFDs (Contracts For Difference). Meaning that you are making profits from the rate difference between the buy rate and the sell rate but not actually holding the certificates.

C. How do I track my stocks’ performance?

After you buy your stock, it will appear in your portfolio. However, if you placed an order, until the order is executed, it will appear as pending:


After the execution you will be able to see more details about the trade, including the change and the current profit shown both in US Dollars and in percentages.

If you wish to sell your stock, simply click on the selected stock and then click the ‘X’ next to the relevant position.

You are able to see the full amount invested in the stock, the number of units you invested in and other relevant data. On the same page you have the option to edit your Stop Loss and Take Profit orders by clicking the blue cogwheel.

If you have any more questions about any of this information, you are more than welcome to contact Customer Support.

CFD Trading. All trading involves risk. Only risk capital you’re prepared to lose. The information above is not investment advice.