As a global investment platform, we make it easier than ever to trade and invest in the financial markets. Whether you’re making your debut or you’re a fully-fledged investor, join over 15 million users who invest in the stock, indices, commodities, ETF, crypto and currency markets.

  • Do it myself

    Build your own investment portfolio from thousands of instruments.


    Access thousands of instruments from traditional markets through to cryptoassets on the platform.

  • Copy top traders

    Get your tactics right and create a game plan with stocks, commodities, cryptoassets, currencies, indices and ETFs, with plenty of support on the sidelines from fellow traders.

  • Choose a CopyPortfolio

    CopyPortfolios are thematic investment instruments. You can choose between:

    • Market CopyPortfolios
    • Top Trader CopyPortfiolios

    Each CopyPortfolio aggregates various assets or a group of traders and is constantly optimised by machine-learning algorithms.


    Explore dozens of CopyPortfolios on the platform and leave the hard work to us.

  • Become a Popular Investor

    CopyPortfolios act like having thousands of traders all working for you. Once you invest in a CopyPortfolio, your capital is professionally managed by eToro’s investment committee. Each CopyPortfolio’s performance is analysed in depth and rebalanced automatically to maximise its gain potential.


    Explore dozens of CopyPortfolios on the platform and leave the hard work to us.

Invest in stocks and pay 0% commission.

Copy Trading: Trade like eToro’s top investors

CopyTrader™, eToro’s most popular feature, allows you to view what real traders are doing in real time and copy their trading automatically.

When they invest, you invest

Whether you’re a beginner learning the basics or you simply don’t have time to watch the markets, now it’s easy to leverage other investors’ expertise. With eToro’s CopyTrader, you can automatically copy top-performing investors, instantly replicating their trading in your own portfolio.


Top investors work for you — without management fees

There are no management fees or other hidden costs involved. View our complete pricing policy here.

The traders you copy get paid directly as part of our Popular Investor Program. To learn more about earning income by being copied on eToro, click here.

Copy People

Not just a copy trading platform, but a community

For those looking to improve their trading, eToro offers so much more than just a copy trading platform. You’ll be joining a leading collaborative community of traders and investors — a place to connect, share, and learn. View millions of other traders’ portfolios, stats, risk scores, and more. Chat with them, discuss strategies and benefit from their knowledge.