Football fandom, just like investment is a true labour of love.

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You are already invested in your club. Now discover how easy it is to invest in the brands you know and love.

eToro, in association with KPMG Football Benchmark, have created a comprehensive study into the financial commitment UK football fans make to their Premier League clubs.


Gary Neville - Etoro

“The eToro Fan Financial Statement lays out the facts and I hope it will serve as a wake-up call. Football has to stand above other leisure businesses. It is more than just a game, it is about a community and we need to ensure we are all doing all we can not to price fans out of the game.” Gary Neville


As one of the biggest sponsors in the Premier League with six club partnerships – Tottenham Hotspur, Crystal Palace, Leicester City, Everton, Aston Villa and Southampton – we have produced the eToro Fan Financial Statement in association with KPMG Football Benchmark. This is a study into the financial commitment UK football fans make to their Premier League clubs and which clubs offer the best value.




  • Premier League match-going fans will spend an estimated £1.3bn this season
  • Increase of 31% since 2014/15, and 6.5% since last season
  • Overall cost of tickets for a ‘dedicated fan’ risen only 1% since 2014/15
  • Biggest increases per match-going fan are TV subscriptions (40%), merchandise (21%), home tickets (14%) and food and beverage (11%)


Through our club partnerships, we try to ensure that we are giving back to the fans as much as possible. We understand that football fans have a deep emotional investment in their club and they’ll move mountains to support their team both home and away.


We wanted to do something on behalf of the fans, to look at the hard costs involved in being a loyal fan and how that financial investment has changed over time. Our Le Tiss Air competition was well received by Southampton fans and this is just the first of many initiatives we will be carrying out this season to reward loyal fans who invest in what they love.


Read the eToro Fan Financial Statement


Listen to Gary Neville discuss the eToro Fan Financial Statement