eToro Crypto Pricing Explained

The purpose of this page is to explain and disclose information about how, and from where, eToro’s cryptoasset prices are sourced.

The cryptoasset prices are generally based on orders made by an internal market maker-like system that aggregates order books from external liquidity providers, and exists on a related entity of the eToro Group. Order books are electronic lists of buy and sell orders for the cryptoassets organized by price level.  The order books list the number of assets being bid on or offered at each price point, or market depth.

The aforementioned eToro Group entity uses different third-party liquidity providers from which it collects prices. These providers are selected according to various criteria, including liquidity, technical ability, functional capabilities, pricing, security, and more.

The indicative price available on the eToro Trading Platform is set up by us to account for eToro’s transaction fees, and is calculated following the pricing methodology shown on the eToro fees page.