The new eToro provides you with a whole suite of online investment solutions across all devices. It gives you the flexibility to invest according to your individual needs and preferences. Our platform is fast and simple to use, and its unique social features put you directly at the center of the world’s financial markets.

Prior to developing our one-size-fits-all platform, we have evolved through several stages that helped get us to the product you see now.

eToro WebTrader

The WebTrader was our all-in-one portfolio management platform, packed with all the trading tools you could possibly need to manage your trading portfolio. Through the WebTrader’s simple and sleek interface you could view live rates, use our comprehensive charting software, open positions and orders, change your trade settings, edit Stop Loss and Take Profit orders, and manage your copy trading activity. The WebTrader platform was fully synchronized to your eToro OpenBook activity, making it the perfect place to monitor, manage and analyze your trading portfolio.

The WebTrader has now been deactivated and its features have been integrated into the new eToro. If you wish to read more about its history, follow this link.

eToro OpenBook

eToro’s OpenBook was the legacy social platform launched by eToro in 2011. It has laid the base for our 4.5 million-strong trading community and Popular Investor Program. The OpenBook platform, with its social infrastructure, allowed you to connect with other investors in the eToro network and tap into their collective wisdom. In 2015, the OpenBook was synchronized with our award-winning WebTrader trading platform to become what we know now as eToro.

OpenBook has now been deactivated and its features have been integrated into the new eToro. If you wish to read more about its history follow this link.

Mobile Trader

Nowadays, all of our clients can trade on the go with the new etoro app for iOS and Android. Prior to the development of the new eToro, our main mobile platform was The Mobile Trader. You could use the eToro OpenBook app to connect with your peers, keep up with the latest discussions and news, and view market pages. In addition, if you wanted to manage your trading portfolio from your phone, the eToro Mobile Trader app allowed you to access live rates, open and close positions, view charts, edit stops and much more.

The new eToro app has been integrated with every one of the features mentioned above and was modified with new improvements and components that take your trading experience to the next level.

Download the app for free from the iOS App Store or Google Play.

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