Instead of one standard platform, eToro provides you a whole suite of online investment solutions, which give you the flexibility to invest according to your individual needs. All of our platforms are fast and simple to use, and together with our investment network they put you at the center of the world’s financial markets.

eToro OpenBook

The eToro OpenBook is our main social trading platform through which you can connect with other investors in the eToro network and tap into their collective wisdom. There are lots of interesting things to explore in the eToro OpenBook, including the eToro top trader rankings and our various market pages. Find the investors that interest you, follow them to receive the latest updates and use the CopyTrader tool to automatically copy all of their trading activity.


eToro WebTrader

The WebTrader is our all in one portfolio management platform, packed with all the trading tools you could need to manage your manual and Copy Trading portfolio. Through the WebTrader’s simple and sleek interface you can view live rates, use our comprehensive charting software, open positions and orders, change your trade settings, edit Stop Loss and Take profit orders, and manage your Copy Trading activity. The WebTrader platform is fully synchronized with your eToro OpenBook activity, making it the perfect place to monitor, manage and analyze your trading portfolio.

Mobile Trader

Our free to download apps for Android and iOS make sure that the markets are never beyond your reach, even when you’re on the go. Use the eToro OpenBook app to connect with your peers, keep up with the latest discussions and news, and view market pages. To manage your trading portfolio on the go, use the eToro Mobile Trader app to access live rates, open and close positions, view charts, edit stops and much more. Download both apps for free from the iOS App Store or Google Play.

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