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Breaking New Ground with eToro’s OpenBook Platform

The social trading revolution has taken the world by storm. Leading the way is Toro – the premier social trading network. New traders and experienced traders alike can benefit immensely from eToro’s state-of-the-art trading platform. It is known simply as OpenBook, and it features the most comprehensive set of tools to trade in currencies, indices, stocks and commodities. Traders with little or no experience can thrust themselves into the bustling world of financial trading, at the click of a button from the comforts of home. It’s that easy!

eToro’s OpenBook walks you through the process from inception as a novice trader, through your journey towards Popular Investor status. Millions of traders around the world access the platform on a daily basis, with plenty of opportunity for sizeable gains. Now you will have the opportunity to trade alongside your peers in a virtual trading platform – much like they do on the world biggest stock exchanges. OpenBook is better, in that the collective well-being of the community is fostered through high levels of interaction, wisdom of the crowds, strategy sharing and trading tips.

A Wealth of Innovative Trading Features at Your Fingertips

eToro OpenBook sports an array of features that are unlikely to be found anywhere else. For starters, you can connect in real-time with traders around the world. You can see, follow and copy precisely what the most successful social traders are doing. And because the platform is accessible on most every high-tech device, you can take it with you wherever you go. Now you can trade with confidence as part of a large and growing global pool of investors.

Communication and Interaction at eToro OpenBook

It’s easy to get started at eToro OpenBook, because a demo account is available. But for traders who are serious about making significant gains in the financial world, a real-money trading account is the only way to go. That way, when you apply your business smarts, financial trading savvy and the sensible advice of Popular Investors, the profits you make are yours to keep. eToro encourages investors to interact with one another via their discussion walls, personal messages and feeds. That way you’re always kept in the loop with what’s hot and what’s not in the financial trading realm. With OpenBook, you are trading as part of the network, not a trader in isolation. As such, you are constantly receiving trading feeds which can be used in all of your trading decisions. The trading feeds display all the trading activity of the general OpenBook public, but you have the ability to filter out very specific information. For example, you can choose to copy only those traders who you’re interested in copying. You have a personal ‘Watchlist’ and the ‘Top 100′ to manage people based portfolios to your specifications.

CopyTrader harnesses the financial wisdom of the crowd in the best possible way

But that’s not all: eToro OpenBook also allows you to make use of a very special feature known as CopyTrader. Regardless of how experienced you are in the financial arena, all it takes is the click of a button. It’s quick and easy to get started with the CopyTrader functionality. With this amazing tool, you can automatically copy the positions of any trader in the network, including Popular Investors, and build a people-based portfolio in the process. And there’s nothing static about it either, because you’re copying real people, with real strategies and top trading tips around-the-clock. When you opt to copy consistently successful traders it helps to make smarter investment decisions by trading and investing on transparent network.  Since users can see the trading history inclusive of gain and losses, of any trader on the network, they can make informed decisions as to who to copy.  Since users can see the trading history inclusive of gain and losses, of any trader on the network, they can make informed decisions as to who to copy.


Getting started with CopyTrader is accomplished in 4 easy steps:

eToro’s motto: See, Follow, Copy is precisely what you do with CopyTrader. You start off by seeing who is trading which currencies, commodities, indices and stocks. Then you can follow the top performing traders online. And then you can copy what the best traders are doing. This way, you make the experts work for you. All it takes is the click of a button to get started.

Getting Social on the OpenBook Investment Network

We all know that sharing is caring, but did you know that you can share information on all the top performing traders, trades, advice, tips and strategies? eToro is all about social interaction. The world’s leading social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and various Community Agents are the ideal resources to share the wisdom of the eToro community. Within these social trading networks, you can engage with traders in the eToro community in real-time. This bodes well for the instant transfer of vital information, 24/7. All members of the eToro community communicate with one another in a courteous and respectful manner, just as you might expect.

eToro on Facebook – as the world’s most popular social network, Facebook fans of eToro can share news, updates, Popular Investir status, live trading feeds, trends and more at the click of a button. It is easy to like your preferred investors, specific trades or new and improved features being released from the eToro tech team.

eToro on Twitter -when you want information fast, then eToro’s Twitter account is where you go to get it. Share news of the hottest trades, best strategies or most profitable investors in an instant via Twitter. The more you tweet, the more you benefit the eToro global community.

The eToro Blog – for expert financial advice, opinions and talkback, the eToro blog is your happy hunting ground. You can easily source breaking financial news, topical interest stories and expert commentary for free at the eToro blog.

Community Agents – here at eToro we recognise that novice and experienced traders like a little bit of ‘insider knowledge’. That’s why the eToro community agents are such a valuable resource. Community Agents are comprised of desk managers within the eToro community. Each of these experts is responsible for a different language (thus catering to specific countries), and tailoring your eToro trading experience to personal preferences.

We make sure that our community agents will keep you abreast of all the latest developments within the eToro OpenBook community. Whatever technical glitch, update or announcement needs to be made in a specific language, will be taken care of by the respective Community Agent. You can think of them as your friendly neighbourhood caretaker!

Find your community agent


The Crème De La Crème: eToro Popular Investors

When it comes to success, eToro Popular Investors are the masters of their craft. Fortunately, anyone can become a Popular Investor at eToro, provided you meet the requirements and expectations of the eToro trading community. Popular Investors are those traders who have proven themselves to be consistently successful, profitable and responsible members of the eToro trading community. All existing OpenBook users, and future users, can make use of the OpenBook trading platform to meet the Popular Investors, to follow them and to copy them as they see fit. Luckily, eToro makes it easy to pick out your favourite Popular Investors, by way of the rankings feature to choose your preferred Investor. You can then access his/her profile, statistics and even copy that particular Popular Investor. As you can see, no stone is left unturned to make your trading experience as meaningful, exciting and profitable as possible!

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