Using the eToro OpenBook

When you join eToro you are automatically registered in eToro OpenBook, our social investment platform. Your trading activities will be shared with other users automatically as you open, close and manage your trades. Of course, you can always opt out, but this feature is what makes eToro fun and gives you access to new types of investment opportunities. The eToro OpenBook is really at the core of eToro’s vision of social investment and copy trading. Browse through the list of users like you and see what other people are investing in. This is an interesting experience for any investor. For newcomers, it is a good way to learn how to invest. If you see anything you like, follow the person and study their behavior to learn form them. With eToro’s technology it’s possible to copy every action of another investor.

Follow blindly…

To make it easier to judge whether someone is the investor you want to trust with your money and copy blindly, eToro OpenBook shows comprehensive statistics about each person in their personal profile. You can watch their trading activity, see their gains and evaluate how much risk they are willing to take. The eToro OpenBook shows you what other users like or dislike and how many users they are following.

…or pick and choose

Copy Trading is the most interesting part of social trading. It connects social investment and automated trading. But it can be tricky. A user whose activities you liked in the past may change behavior and enter more risky trades. With a new feature on eToro you can now stop following another user temporarily. By using Pause Copy new trades of the investor you’re following will not be copied any more, but your existing open copied trades will not be affected. On the other hand, stopping copying an investor will close all copied trades.

…or discover people

The People Discovery search tool lets you search for people according to your specific preferences. You can search for people who diversify their portfolio or invest only in certain markets, or in people with low risk and low drawdown, along with many other options, from gains percentage, to trade frequency.

You can even search the database of eToro Traders for people who disclose their real name or you can try to find people who live in a particular country. Once you get your search results, go into the traders’ personal profiles to learn more about their portfolio composition and trading history. You might want to follow several interesting candidates, or copy them using your practice account for a while before you start copying their trades.

…or just socialize

Like any social network, socializing, discussing and sharing is an important part of the eToro OpenBook experience. With our rich feed capabilities, you can share anything from a post, to an image, a video, a chart or even a search you made using the People discovery tool, or join an existing discussion by commenting and liking the items that interest you.

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