The WebTrader is the cleanest, most flexible and most enjoyable web trading platform you’ll find, packed with trading tools and community trading features. The WebTrader platform is synchronized with your OpenBook activity, making it the perfect place to monitor, manage and analyze your trading portfolio.

Simple to use

The beauty of the eToro WebTrader lies in its simple and intuitive interface which naturally compliments the flow of your day to day trading activities. From chart analysis to setting up position parameters, to monitoring open trades and even keeping up with live news updates, the WebTrader interface makes sure that all the options are at your fingertips.


The advent of social trading means that there is a whole other aspect to consider when approaching the financial markets, and the eToro WebTrader enables you to conduct your social trading activities together with traditional position management easily. Whenever you use the CopyTrader on eToro OpenBook, the WebTrader automatically synchs your account to reflect copied trades as well as the trades you open yourself. The copied trades will then automatically appear in your Open Trades panel where you will be able to monitor and manage them as you see fit.

Professional Charts

The eToro WebTrader provides you with a suite of professional technical charts equipped with the latest analysis techniques. With the help of the advanced charts you can plot trend lines and support/resistance levels, as well as use a wide variety of technical indicators, from ASI to William%R, to help with your analysis. In order to view all the available indicators to the “Studies” tab in the chart menu and click on “System Manager”. Then use the left side menu to add your favorite indicators to the “Displayed Studies” list which will then show up whenever you click on the “Studies” tab.

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