2014 – eToro’s amazing year in retrospect

Hi everyone!

As you may have noticed, it’s the end of the year! A time to light up the fireplace, pour yourself a hot cup of cider, plop yourself in a nice comfy armchair, and reflect upon the passing year.

Here at eToro, 2014 has been a year of building – building partnerships, building communities, building new technologies, and building portfolios with new investment opportunities. Like any construction project, you lay one brick at a time until one day you look up at a magnificent skyscraper towering high above the clouds!


Looking at our network today, we definitely feel that we’ve managed to build something just as special – a strong network of investors that invests together, shares trading information, and does so in a simple, transparent way.

From technical innovations to new investment opportunities, it’s been quite a wild ride for us this year, so let’s take a look back at all the major events that took place at eToro in 2014.

CopyTrader 2.0

Finishing what we started in 2013, we’ve made our copy system more stable and robust, ensuring greater sync between parent and copier account and giving you more tools to protect your copy investment.

Pause/ Resume Copy

This is a feature we developed in response to requests from our trading community, now giving you the opportunity to make a “graceful exit” out of a copy relationship, or simply wait for a trader to get over a bad streak. Pause copy to stop copying any new trades made by the trader, and resume if you wish to start copying them again.

protect investment

Manual Copy Stop Loss

While the Copy Stop Loss feature was introduced already in late 2013, this year we made the big leap and made it manually editable, so you can decide for yourself which percentage of your copy amount you would like to protect.

People Discovery Tool

This tool, still in its beta stage, has already become immensely popular, thanks to its extended search capabilities. With multiple search filters, as well as popular search settings, it is now easier than ever to discover new potential investors to follow and copy.


Mobile apps

We’ve released several versions of our mobile apps for Android and iOS this year, which among them introduced an entirely new mobile experience, with features such as native sharing, deep linked notifications, cancel orders, and closing individual stock positions.

Mobile market

British and German Stocks

In a huge expansion of our stock selection, we’ve added 130 British and German stocks to our investment arsenal, among them world renowned brands such as Marks & Spencer, Adidas, BMW, Barclays and more.

Yuan and Ruble

We’ve also expanded our currency selection, adding the Chinese Yuan (USD/CNH) and the Russian Ruble (USD/RUB) to the mix. The new currencies made quite a stir upon their arrival, particularly the Ruble which entered full on crisis mode shortly after, bringing big selling opportunities for our more adventurous traders.

100 Million Trades

We celebrated this important landmark in the early months of 2014, which gave us the opportunity to make this infographic, breaking down some of the stats we’ve gathered from our investment network.

100m trades snip

New Customer Service System

This year, our customer service underwent a great overhaul, complete with new chat support and ticketing systems. Thanks to our friends at Zendesk and Zopim Live Chat, we are now able to offer better, faster support in your language.

Share functions on eToro OpenBook

The eToro OpenBook has always been a place of sharing, but up until this year, we were somewhat closed off from the rest of the world. With the new share functions, you can now share posts, trade stories and anything else you like on OpenBook with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and LinkedIn, bringing the eToro experience to them.

What to expect in 2015?

We’ve got a bunch of exciting innovations already in the works for release in 2015. We will also be investing in our network’s sustainability, rewarding investors who can bring long term success to their copiers and promoting responsible trading as well as portfolio diversity with new risk management tools.

And of course, as usual you can expect amazing community promotions and events all throughout the year.

So are you ready? Let’s go make 2015 the best trading year yet!

Happy new year!

Want to have your say? Tell us what new features you’d like to see in 2015 and if we like your idea, we might just go for it!