Here’s to 20 million eToro users!

We can now say it officially, loud and proud: eToro has 20 million registered users worldwide. Wow what an amazing milestone! Since our inception in 2007, we have always strived to open the global markets to everyone, everywhere. Now, as we celebrate our 20 millionth user, we wanted to look back at our journey, and look ahead into the future of our online investment platform.

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But before we dive in, we want to take a moment and thank you, our users. We cherish each and every one of you. You, the members of the eToro community, are what makes us great. Thank you so much for being the fuel driving our success. 

eToro in 2021

In 2021, eToro has 20 million registered users, but, as Jerry Seinfeld would ask: “Who are these people?”

The average eToro user

According to the most recent data, the average eToro user is 34 years old and is either a full-time trader/investor or an IT/computer professional. 69% of eToro users are from Europe, followed by the Asia-Pacific region, then the Americas, and Middle East and Africa. eToro has users from more than 100 countries around the world.

When it comes to languages, English is naturally the most used on eToro, with nearly half of all active users using it on the platform. Next in line is German, followed by French, Spanish and Italian. 

Where are eToro users investing?

Here at eToro, we pride ourselves on being a multi-asset investment platform. Therefore, it is no wonder that our users show great diversification when it comes to the assets in which they invest. At the top of the list is Bitcoin, which accounts for one of every 25 positions opened on eToro. The most popular stocks are Tesla, Microsoft and Apple, the most-traded index is the NASDAQ100, and the most-traded commodity is oil.

The path to 20 million

Like all journeys, the path eToro is on had several milestones, and many challenges. Starting out as a humble platform for visual forex trading in 2007, eToro added numerous features over the years, amassing a growing number of users along the way. 

The invention of social investing and CopyTrader in early 2010, positions us as a true innovator in the realm of fintech. We were also one of the first regulated platforms to offer Bitcoin alongside a more traditional selection of assets. While we gained much popularity and growth with our ever-growing crypto offering, we still had much more to achieve. 

The introduction of Smart Portfolios opened the door to a new breed of investor and gave our users the ability to explore ready-made investment strategies, designed for long-term growth. We were also the first regulated investment platform to offer 0% commission stock investment globally. 

In general, we have become a home for many new investors, who manage their own portfolios on eToro easily and transparently. We will continue to grow and expand, increasing our offerings, improving our platform and making it as friendly and intuitive as possible. 

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Your capital is at risk.

As we celebrate this important milestone of 20 million users, we are excited about everything that comes next. Thank you all for taking part in this journey with us. Here’s to 20 million more!