A message to eToro users regarding recent login errors

Yesterday, eToro users experienced a severe degradation in our platform service. For 2:06 hours, login to the system was unstable. While some users were able to log in, a large number of attempts resulted in failure, and we apologize for that. Please note that during such events, we share the link to our offline trader for closing and editing open positions on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Following a thorough investigation, we were able to identify, and fix, the root cause. This was one of the longest service interruptions we have experienced in quite some time. Despite the fact that lately we have been able to significantly improve the capacity and stability of the etoro platform, in order to handle an unprecedented number of new clients, some elements still require upgrading and we are working on this.

eToro is growing extremely quickly. Our primary mission for 2018 is to be able to keep up with new registrants and existing users, both in the short and the long term.

We are continuously adding computing resources and optimizing bottlenecks. Moreover, we will be deploying additional hardware in the near future to support our ever-growing user base. The longer-term plan includes significant architectural improvements and accelerated migration to the cloud in order to enable unlimited elasticity and an uninterrupted trading experience.

While we cannot promise a latency-free 2018, we assure you that our engineering team is, and will continue to, do everything possible to make our growth as seamless as possible.

We appreciate your patience and thank you for remaining our valued clients. We wish you all a happy and profitable 2018.