Browse Stocks By Sectors and Exchanges

As you might have noticed, recently we introduced many new stocks to our product.

Well, we’re planning on introducing a lot more.

With so many stocks around, it might get a little difficult to find THE stock you want to invest in. But fear not!

To help you find your way around the variety of stocks on eToro, we’re happy to introduce the ability to discover and browse stocks by:

Sector (Technology, Healthcare, Financial, …)
Exchange (NASDAQ, NYSE, …)


1. The stocks section now displays a variety of stock categories, as well as an enhanced navigation menu, allowing to browse stocks by sector or exchange:



2. Each sector or exchange now lists, on a dedicated page, all the relevant stocks at eToro:


3. Also, each stock page now shows “tags” of its sector and exchange, as well as other relevant markets from the same sector:


Stay tuned!

And speaking of better navigation and discoverability of markets – we will soon be introducing a whole new People & Markets Search Experience. Trust me it’s going to be worth the wait.

In the meantime, we would really appreciate your feedback about this update and about any other features that you think might make your investment experience even better!