Buy & Sell Stocks, On The Go!

We’re happy to announce  two new eToro OpenBook updates!

1. The eToro OpenBook Mobile Website keeps getting better

The eToro OpenBook mobile site now supports the buying and selling of stocks!

Visit your markets-based portfolio from the mobile site to view stocks you invested in, and choose additional stocks to buy/sell.

We will soon introduce the “Markets” section that will allow a full stock browsing and buying experience on the eToro OpenBook mobile site.

Mobile-Stocks-ExecutionEmail notifications, when accessed from a mobile device, will now be opened on the mobile site, allowing a better mobile-optimized experience.


2. Stats pages with longer time periods!

The stats tab on users’ profiles now supports 2 and 3 years history of stats.
The same goes for “My Portfolio”.

This update will enable you to get a more thorough perspective on an investor’s trading career, making you more informed if you should choose to follow or copy them.


That’s it for now, but there are more interesting updates are coming soon!

Stay tuned, and don’t forget to share your feedback on these new features in the comments!