Daily Community News: eToro Openbook, All Languages Forum

I always dreamed of  being a journalist, or a writer, or even work in whatever media sector.

My dream didn’t come true, maybe because I didn’t follow it,  or maybe because I wasn’t talented enough to be who I wanted to be.

When I read the blogs of our newly blogging friend, Eugene Joubert, I recognize the difference between dreaming of something, and having the essence for it. Eugene, you are really talented and I look forward to your almost daily blogs!!!

eToro Openbook, I am truly grateful for you! Not only do you meet my practical needs but you also lift up my spirits. Through you I had the pleasure of meeting great new people and you helped me realize my dream of becoming a fulfilled, socially active person!

You are a forum where all the languages can meet.

You speak only one language? No problem! The translation button will help you and you can be part of any discussion or any group:





You are a beginner and you lack experience? Never mind! You can still be part of eToro Openbook, where you can copy other traders while connecting with them. The benefit is doubled here of course: Money and Friends?! Perfect deal!!!




You don’t have to be formal on eToro Openbook. Shaved or not you will still be loved the way you are. LOVED? NOT ALWAYS!!!



An experienced trader? you can also share your ideas and learn from other people’s experience:



Bottom line, eToro OPenbook, you are a pleasant place to be and enjoy the stay!


Have a great weekend,