Downloadable eToro platform

UPDATE 14/08/2013

As you know, we at eToro take this very seriously and after having checked with various antivirus companies, we have found eight of them that can detect the trojan.

Below is a list of the vendors, along with the result you’ll see if you have it on your computer:



It has come to our attention that there have been incidents where someone has been falsely representing themselves as a part of eToro and sharing a “downloadable eToro platform”. We’re publishing this to clarify a few points and ensure that you take the necessary precautions with your account information. We are monitoring it closely and at this point we believe they are attempting to coax you into giving them your eToro password.

Usually, they have the eToro logo as their profile picture or they may even go as far as setting their country as Cyprus. The posts will probably look something like this:


Let me be clear: there is no downloadable desktop platform.

If you see messages like the one above, please leave a comment on the thread, alerting anyone else who may see it; flag it as spam and contact an eToro representative.

– Any employee of eToro that would be communicating this information will have eToro as their country, as well as a photo of themselves and a real name. Check the Community page and ask someone that you can trust if you have any doubts.



– We will never ask for your login information over the eToro OpenBook, e-mail, phone or otherwise. Please keep your login information to yourself.

– If you suspect any user of doing this or believe that you may be at risk, alert us immediately through the eToro OpenBook.



Thank you for reading,