eToro expands its German stock offering

One of the main advantages eToro offers its clients is the ability to build a portfolio comprising stocks from various markets around the world, without the typical entry barriers of each individual market. Now, we’re pleased y to announce the inclusion of 50 new German stocks, from the DAX, MDAX, SDAX and TecDAX indices, to our financial instrument offering.

Your capital is at risk. This is not investment advice.

Leading Europe’s financial markets

The German economy is the largest in Europe, fourth-largest in the world, and arguably the most influential economy in the EU. The DAX (GER30) index, which tracks 30 of the largest companies in the country, is often used as a yardstick for the German economy’s overall health and is also a strong indicator of the EU’s performance. The German economy has many well-known brands, and some of the world’s largest companies in the traditional industry sector.

As the UK is preparing to part ways with the European Union, Germany’s influence over the continent could grow further, adding to its already formidable impact on its neighbouring countries. The more economic power Germany has, the more it could potentially benefit German companies and their shareholders.

New stocks on eToro

We have recently added German companies traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange to the eToro stock selection. Some of the companies are globally recognized brands; such as the high fashion house, Hugo Boss, and some are multinational corporations, such as Evonik. The latter is the world’s largest specialty chemicals producer, which is valued at nearly $15 billion, and operates in more than 100 countries around the world.

It is not uncommon to find German companies that have been operatingfor more than 100 years, and the country prides itself on its strong work ethic and veteran global industrial giants. Among the companies that are available on eToro, you can find widely recognisable brands, such as BMW, Adidas, and Lufthansa. Now, with the addition of 50 new stocks, eToro traders and investors can attain  broader exposure to the German stock market.

This is not investment advice. Your capital is at risk. CFD trading.