eToro Hackathon has begun!

Dear eToro Users,


As you may know we are having a Hackathon today and tomorrow in eToro offices.

A Hackathon is an intense period of development during which everyone at the office pitches ideas and spends the next couple of days on little food and sleep working to develop their ideas from start to finished product.

You can See Nimi’s & Mati’s Hackathon video update hangout here:


My team is working on integrating your twitter account with your eToro account!

What does it mean? … Well,  first of all you will be able to post all of your tweets on your Openbook profile by simply adding $eToro to each tweet!


But wait that’s not all…


You will be able to buy stocks by simply sending a tweet message!

How simple and awesome is that!?


Why am I telling you all this?…


Because I am looking for volunteers.

We want you to be the 1st people ever to trade through twitter.


Want to be first?


Tell us in the comments below. Post your username on this blog post and we will let you try it out!

If you want your friends to participate as well, share this post with them using the social buttons below.


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