eToro Live Chat Temporarily Limited to Club Members of the Silver Tier and Above

Due to the large influx of new users and the current extraordinary trading conditions, eToro live chat has been temporarily limited to Silver Club members and above. Read more below. 

During these times of high volatility and increased activity on eToro, we are doing our absolute best to address every client issue and resolve every Customer Service ticket. Naturally, during these times, some delays are occurring and we are not able to get back to every client as quickly as we would like to. Please know that we have recently onboarded 50 new employees who will be replying to tickets from this Monday. This will help us to improve our response time.

The high volume of customer service requests has particularly impacted the efficiency of our live chat function. As a result, we are temporarily limiting live chat to members of the Silver Club and above. This will allow us to clear the current bottleneck and respond to clients in a timely manner which is the purpose of live chat.

Please rest assured that all clients can still reach us by opening a ticket with our Customer Service team. All of your inquiries will be handled by our dedicated team and every ticket will be addressed. 

We would like to reiterate that this is a temporary limitation to live chat and that we are continuing to invest in growing our customer service team.

We thank you for all of your patience and cooperation during these unique times.