eToro OpenBook Update: Single-Page Application & Goodbye “Copy.Me”

We’ve just released a new version of eToro OpenBook with 3 important updates:


1. eToro OpenBook as a Single-Page Application
eToro OpenBook is today becoming a “Single-Page Application”. This is an important technical change – “Single-Page Application” is a web application that fits on a single web page with the goal of providing a more fluid user experience akin to a desktop application. A famous example of Single-Page applications is Google’s “Gmail” email client – if you’re familiar with it, you’ve probably noticed the smoothness in navigating between different screens of the application. OpenBook will now have a similar experience.
Please note: this change does not affect any feature of the product. You’ll only notice a change in how pages load faster and more smoothly.


2. Goodbye “Copy.Me”
eToro is no longer going to operate its “Copy.Me” product.
“Copy.Me” allowed users to promote a profile page outside of eToro OpenBook and use this page to attract new copiers, new to eToro. We’ve decided to focus our efforts on our main and leading product – the eToro OpenBook, and avoid the redundancy of profile pages on “Copy.Me”.
As of today, “Copy.Me” ceases to operate.
Please note: all “Copy.Me” URLs will still work and direct to users’ profile pages on OpenBook.


3. New “Second Income” Report
Are you a member of the “Social Guru Trader Program”? If so, you probably wonder what will happen to the “Second Income” report, available on the “Copy.Me” product so far.
The “Second Income” report will now be available within eToro OpenBook, only for members of the “Social Guru Trader Program”. A new “Second Income” option will be added under the “Stats” menu when viewing their user profile on eToro OpenBook.
The “Second Income” report will show number of eligible copiers and the second income calculation, including performance of these parameters over time.


Go ahead and explore these new features, and don’t hesitate to give us your feedback in the comments!