Get ready to invest in your favorite brands

New Stocks

Have you tried trading stocks with eToro yet?


If you haven’t, this is your time to do so.


Up until now, our stock selection consisted of just seven stocks of the world’s leading tech companies. Well, that’s all the stuff of the past!


We’re about to add 50 new stocks of some of the world’s most popular brands – such as Coca-Cola, Nike, Disney, and many more – for you to invest in.


Finally, you will be able to merge your lifestyle with your investment portfolio.


By now most of us are aware of such a thing as brand loyalty. Some of us won’t drink any soft drink if it’s not made by Coca-Cola, others won’t buy shoes unless they’re Nike, and still others won’t drive anything that’s not a Honda, etc.


Brand loyalty is inspired by our faith in the brand and confidence that the company will deliver a certain reliable quality of product.


With our new stock selection, you will be able to translate your faith in your chosen lifestyle brands into an investment. After all, if you believe in the future of a brand it only makes sense to invest in it.


And because you are familiar with the brand it will make it easier for you to predict market movements based on your knowledge of its products.


We will be announcing the release (including the list of new stocks available for trading) very soon, so stay tuned!


What are your favorite brands? Tell us about it in the comments and maybe we’ll add them to our list of stock instruments!