Improve your Conversion Rates with eToro Reviews

There have been some big changes in the eToro marketing team and we’re pushing forwards with a range of exciting new marketing materials over the next few months. We’ll be showcasing these in future blog posts and talking about how to get the most out of our free creatives and other marketing tools. In the meantime, we’ve had a lot of questions recently about how to use site reviews. There are some short guidelines below.

 conversion rate increase

Boost traffic with eToro Reviews

One of the most powerful conversion tools on any affiliate site is brand reviews. Potential traders are always looking for information about brokers and a well-written review is often enough to persuade them to sign up. Reviews are also seeded with relevant key words to gain at least some SEO value for the site.

The problem with most affiliate sites is that when they do bother to upload reviews, the reviews are badly written. In many cases the reader will lose interest after the first couple of paragraphs. Potential traders are never more than a couple of clicks away from a rival site and will quickly become a source of income for another affiliate.

Fortunately there are some simple rules for writing reviews that are both interesting and informative enough to keep a reader’s attention, and persuasive enough to convert them into an FTD.

1.      Keep it short – few site visitors have the time or patience to read more than 500 words

2.      Presentation – arrange the text in small bite sized paragraphs that are easy on the eye

3.      Graphics – where possible use attractive images to help explain even basic information

Many of your readers will be newcomers to online trading and investment. Don’t overload them with complex financial terminology and technical data. It also pays to know your own site traffic and pitch the text to meet their needs. If your reviews are in English, but your site visitors have different mother tongues, you need to keep things simple. That means short sentences written in clear English.

Keep it Focused

Potential traders usually care about a few key fundamentals:

  • Getting good return on their investments
  • Trading on a secure, regulated platform
  • Using intuitive, easy to understand tools

Start with a brief description of eToro and social trading. Explain that eToro is a well-established, award-winning brand, which is often covered in the media, and has millions of traders worldwide. Emphasise how eToro stands apart from all the other online brokers, with its innovative social features and intuitive platform.

Talk about the wide range of financial assets that are offered, over 1,000 assets across five categories, and how easy it is to trade high-profile instruments, such as Google stocks or Bitcoin.

Explain the concepts of social trading, CopyTrading, the possibility of earning a second income through the Popular Investors Program, and CopyFunds.

Use the remaining space in the review to mention briefly:

  • Regulation: eToro is regulated by CySec and the FCA
  • Mobile trading: All of the eToro functionalities are available on-the-go on the mobile app
  • Customer Service: 24/5 in nine languages
  • Education: Free online courses and webinars
  • News: blogs, daily newsletters, notifications and social media
  • Promotions and Competitions

The Golden Rules

There is a clear bottom line with all reviews. eToro is a regulated broker and we have very high standards:

• Keep all content 100% factual
• Don’t use invented testimonials
• Don’t offer investment advice
• Do follow the eToro branding and marketing guidelines

Contact your affiliate manager now to get a full free guide to writing eToro reviews, plus help and advice on how to get the most out of them.

The above is not indicative of how to make a profit as an affiliate. eToro does not condone investment advice given by affiliates. Potential users should be informed that all trading involves risk.