Introducing Partner CopyFunds, eToro’s innovative new marketplace for investment funds

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our latest product, which is going to revolutionise the investment space. It’s called Partner CopyFunds and it allows investment managers to create their own bespoke funds on our award-winning platform.

This is a huge step forward in our expansion into retail investing and further proof of the company’s commitment to product innovation through technology. It follows the successful launch of our original CopyFunds product in November 2016, which enables eToro customers to trade on a range of specially-created, themed CopyFunds such as tech, banking and gaming stocks.

French asset manager and robo-adviser, WeSave, is our first partner, offering a CopyFund based on its AlphaCore product. And we’ll be adding more and more Partner CopyFunds over time to give our customers even greater choice and flexibility, so keep an eye on the platform for new, world-class investment funds, built by some of the world’s biggest and best wealth managers.

As for our partners, they’ll have a vast global network of savvy traders and investors that they can now create CopyFunds for. They’ll also have access to eToro’s advanced suite of marketing tools and performance analytics, giving them the potential to grow their assets under management and produce an additional revenue stream based on profit-sharing with eToro.  

Commenting on the launch, CEO and founder of eToro, Yoni Assia, said: “This is a landmark in innovation for investors and wealth managers alike. At eToro we have been democratising trading for 10 years, giving people direct access to financial markets through cutting-edge technology. We’re now taking that same philosophy into the world of investing.

Partner CopyFunds will help bridge the historic chasm between supply and demand in the investment space, opening up world-class asset management to the mass consumer market and breaking down the traditional barriers to entry.

“Our Partners will gain access to eToro’s far-reaching network of six million users and advanced technology, with a full suite of marketing tools on hand. We’ll be working with fund managers looking to enhance their digital footprint and join us in creating a sophisticated, consumer-focused investment experience.”

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