Introducing: Research Tab – adding professional tools to your eToro portfolio

It is no secret that eToro’s declared mission is to lead the global Fintech revolution. As part of our efforts, we are constantly introducing new features to help our clients become better traders. Our most recent innovation is the ‘Research’ tab, which is now available on various assets across the platform. The new tab, powered by TipRanks, gives you up-to-date recommendations  by professional analysts from investment banks and financial companies around the world.

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What is the Research tab?

The Research tab gives you valuable additional information for US stocks, including analysts’ recommendation summary, price targets, hedge fund sentiment and other activities. All of this information is aimed to help eToro clients make data-driven investment decisions. The data is presented by TipRanks, a leading financial analysis company.

TipRanks gathers financial information from leading market influencers, and follows the public filings of top investors around the world. Some of the names TipRanks follows include word-famous hedge funds, such as Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway and Carl Icahn’s investment fund. TipRanks also created several Partner CopyFunds for eToro, such as EWachenheim-CF, which is based on the public filing of Greenhaven Associates and CarlIcahn-CF, which is based on the filings of Carl Icahn Enterprises.

Where can I find the Research tab?

The tab is available for various assets on the platform, mainly stocks traded in US markets. This feature is currently only available to depositing eToro clients. To access it, log into your account, then click ‘Research’ on the top menu in an instrument’s page on eToro:

What can I see on the Research tab?

The tab displays a variety of valuable stats, including Analyst Consensus, detailing what the pros are recommending for a certain stock (buy, sell or hold) and their estimates for its price range. Since perception has a major influence on market movements and price changes, this data is valuable for making educated trading decisions. In the future, we will add more information to the Research tab, such as insiders’ transactions, blogger sentiment and more, giving you even more tools and data to use before deciding where to invest.

One of the best things about this new tool is that we now have the ability to give you, our client, an organized and simple way to access information that was previously reserved for traditional investors. Giving eToro users the ability to use this tool levels the playing field and empowers our clients. Just another step in eToro’s journey to disrupt the traditional financial industry.

Trade Markets

The Research tab is another milestone in our journey to give our clients the best tools possible to become better traders. Alongside our technical and fundamental analysis tools, getting the opinion of some of the world’s leading hedge fund managers and analysts could greatly contribute to your trading knowledge and expertise.