Markets & Stocks for eToro OpenBook on Android

I’m very happy to announce that we’ve just released Markets & Stocks for eToro OpenBook on Android. The new eToro OpenBook mobile experience reflects our community’s passion for seamless and simple experiences that make it a breeze to explore and invest in the markets.

Exploring & searching for investment opportunities

The new and improved eToro OpenBook app is all about making the process of investment simpler than ever. There are various ways to find amazing markets to invest in. Explore markets by exchange, sector, or simply by searching specific market name.

Screenshot_2014-01-19-14-18-12 Screenshot_2014-01-21-12-46-28 Screenshot_2014-01-23-13-11-18

Stock view, details and charts

Investing in stocks and other markets should be easy and enjoyable. That’s the premise behind our new Market screen. The Market screen provides  the right information at the right moment, from market feeds through stats & charts allowing you to effortlessly invest in the financial markets of your choice.

Screenshot_2014-01-22-09-40-32 Screenshot_2014-01-19-14-18-58 Screenshot_2014-01-20-14-16-15

We hope you enjoy this new release, and we look forward to your feedback, which you’re welcome to leave here in the comments or on the app page.