More investment instruments coming to eToro

And the new instruments just keep on coming!

Investment tools

After having added over 50 new brands to our stock selection, including the Twitter IPO, we are delighted to announce the introduction of 4 new indices and 1 currency to the eToro Markets pages.

These new instruments are:

Currencies: USD/HKD (Hong Kong Dollar)

Indices: AUS200 (Australian stock index), ESP35 (Spanish stock index), Sui30 (Swiss stock index), EUSTX5 (Euro Stoxx 50).

All these new instruments will make it easier for you to diversify your portfolio and to find new investment opportunities that you didn’t have access to before.

Remember, whenever in doubt, you can always turn to the wisdom of the crowd. So if you don’t feel confident about investing in one of these new instruments, you can go ahead and find top performing traders who do. The 3 million members on our network are there to guide you, whether with friendly advice or through Copy Trading.

We have big plans for the future, so keep your eyes peeled for even more new instruments coming your way!

Do you have a particular instrument that you’d like to trade? Tell us about it in the comments and we’ll see what we can do about adding it!