New on eToro OpenBook – Unlock Your Feed Now!

We are happy to introduce a new and exciting feature on eToro OpenBook: Unlock Your Feed!

You know how when you first sign up to a social network your feed can be a little sad and empty because you don’t know who to connect with and where to start?

Well, now eToro is making it easier for new users to connect with people on eToro OpenBook.

This will make your feed interesting from day one!

How, you ask? The Unlock Your Feed feature will guide you with two steps:

  1. Discover and follow your real Facebook friends that are already using eToro. Immediately see what your friends are investing in and follow whatever they have to say.
  2. Follow a community manager of your region, as well as other suggested interesting people on the eToro community.

How does it work?

New users will have their homepage feed locked, as follows:

Unlock feed

When you click the “Start Now” button, the eToro OpenBook will find friends for you to connect with, starting with your Facebook friends on the eToro network:

Connect with FB friends

Finally, you’ll also get suggestions for other interesting users in the eToro community to connect with, such as Community Managers, eToro Evangelists, and Social Gurus:

Interesting users to follow

And that’s it – your feed is unlocked!

At the end of the process, you should have plenty of new friends filling up your feed with trading activity, market commentary, useful suggestions and plain old eToro fun!

Note: We’re also taking this opportunity to encourage existing members to become more social and engaged in our investment community – so if you’re following less than 5 people on eToro OpenBook you too will be asked to unlock your feed.

This feature, allowing users to find their real friends on eToro OpenBook as well as follow other interesting people, is another step in our efforts to help new users integrate in the eToro OpenBook community. We also introduced a free social investment of your choice (copying a trader with $50 gift card) for the same reason.

As with any new feature, we would love to get your feedback.

Unlock your feed now and join the conversation!