October Monthly Market Webcast

The markets are moving and trading opportunities in new and unique assets, as well as traditional assets, need to be discussed. This month’s webcast features several popular investors and Smart Portfolios that have been performing well lately.

Topics covered:

  • Smart Portfolio Insights
  • Global Reserve Currency
  • Italian Budget
  • Brexit Update
  • Crude Oil Stretch
  • Opportunities in EEM
  • Crypto: Here to Stay

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Webcast breakdown. Use the Chapter widget on the webcast platform to navigate between sections:

2:10min | What we will cover today

6:28min | Risk in crypto and how institutional investors hedge their portfolio

9:41min | Review of different Popular Investors and a sneak peak at a new Smart Portfolio

9:50min | Portfolio review of hshuki

14:40min | review of blokhin

18:49min | CannabiscCare has been closed with over 1,167 investors and is already up 14% this year

19:14min | review of InTheGame performance and stocks

23:00min | Sneak peak at a new Smart Portfolio that will cover stocks in Driverless Cars

23:37min | Questions on AMD stock and the dip that occurred bringing it to below 27

30:16min | Questions on Earnings Reports, how does the market value a trade when the market is closed, as the market opens is it long/short immediately?

32:05min | Questions: US market double topped for oncoming market crash?

33:20min | Gold and inflation

38:42min | Bond yields and the review of the US Treasury 10 year chart

40:50min | Italian Budget and review of their bond market and the October 15th deadline

44:58min | Brexit Update – GBP/USD

49:48min | Emerging Markets – Opportunities in EEM

50:23min | Turkish Lira chart review

55:30min | Viewer question: what is your prediction about NZD/USD?

57:23min | Crude Oil Stretch Chart reviewed: https://www.macrotrends.net/1369/crude-oil-price-history-chart

61:07min | Crypto: Here to Stay

65:07min | Viewer question: what evidence do we have that there is going to be a bull run on cryptos? Should we assume we are going to get close or overpass all-time high?

66:00min | Questions on Bitmain IPO – thoughts on the risks/rewards it could offer in BCH and BTC

68:00min | Viewer question: thoughts on Bitmain acquiring Bitcoin Cash Wallet startup?

70:49min | Viewer question on XRP: What’s your view on Ripple releasing xRapid and their future adoption? How bullish are you on XRP? And have you read Ripple’s future forecast report around adoption?

74:29min | The XRP howie test reviewed

77:31min | Viewer question: what are your thoughts on NatGas?

We hope you enjoyed the webinar. If you have any feedback or comments, please feel free to connect with Mati Greenspan on all social media channels: eToro, ,Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram

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